Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Whether you are small to midsize business or an already established business building out your IT infrastructure, New Edge Technology Solutions can help with cloud services.

So, what exactly is the Cloud? The Cloud is a flexible high-speed network that provides connectivity. Instead of buying expensive storage equipment for your data, you can use the cloud and access it anywhere anytime using any device. The files are no longer limited to a single computer, making collaborating with your team easier.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Experts

Our dedicated team of cloud experts is as effective and powerful as the Cloud itself. Our team has decades of experience in the IT industry and are certified in leading cloud technologies. Managed cloud is not just our specialty; it’s our passion as well. We are continually learning new ways of doing things in this constantly evolving field.

Why Move to the Cloud?



The most obvious benefit of the cloud is its lower cost. Instead of having to huge financial commitments, entrepreneurs can pay as they go and keep businesses costs down.


With the cloud, multiple team members can access, update, and save files from one account, making collaboration and communication easier than ever. Plus, you can access your files from different devices, such as a tablet or mobile device, anywhere, anytime.


Cloud-based technologies let businesses afford IT services without making a huge investment in IT networks and infrastructure. Cloud computing saves business resources while boosting productivity and improving remote collaboration within the organization for the same project as though they were in one office.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing can range from data storage to functional programs. New Edge Technology Solutions provides the following cloud services:
    • Cloud storage

Storing and syncing files that can be accessed on different devices

    • Cloud backup

Data backup in the event of a cyberattack or any other unforeseen events of data loss

    • Cloud hosting

All types of information sharing, including email services and applications

How Cloud System Works

Round-the-clock support

We know that cloud services goes beyond installing and regularly updating software. We know emergency situations can happen, and so our cloud engineers offer 24/7 remote support for our clients.

The cloud can let your IT Infrastructure evolve just as readily as your business does. If you’re interested in moving your business to the Cloud, call New Edge Technology Solutions today for a free consultation.

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