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Today, businesses rely on technology more than ever. Whether you are expanding your business in Atlanta or having trouble with your current IT infrastructure, hiring a computer support team will make the job easier. New Edge Technology Solutions can help your company reach its full potential.
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Atlanta-Based IT Professionals

New Edge Technology Solutions understands the importance of having a reliable computer support team, and one that fits your budget. New Edge Technology Solutions offers IT solutions customized to your business needs and budget, both remotely and on site. Whether you just a have a quick question or need help with computer security, we are your trusted partner in technology.

Top-Notch Computer Support at a Low Price

You don’t have have to buy expensive computer facilities to upgrade your old infrastructures. Outsourcing computer support revolutionizes the way your business operates: it saves money and time, increases productivity, and improves operations.

By outsourcing to New Edge Technology Solutions, you’ll have easy and secure access to our IT infrastructures. Our staff will work hand in hand and serve as the first line of technical support to your stakeholders.

You also do not have to worry about cost – we can customize a package that meets your budget. You can pay only for the services you asked for at a fixed price, and enjoy the benefits of having a reliable computer support system without hidden charges and extra fees.

Computer support

Our Process

We are dedicated to providing the best computer support to your business. Our staff will address the current problems your company is facing right now, have regular meetings with your management team, and stay ahead of trends and changes in the IT industry.

New Edge Technology Solutions provides the following services:

  • Web hosting
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Computer network support
  • Advanced security and protection
  • IT consulting and development services
  • Software production, installation, support, and maintenance
  • Cloud services
We begin by asking you to fill out our pre-audit questionnaire and then scheduling a visit to assess your current IT infrastructure. This lets us find out what problems your IT infrastructure is facing and how it can be improved.


After gathering all the relevant information, we provide recommendations for improvement, and a system that meets your company’s business model and fulfills your current needs.
1. Pricing
Our support team goes over the cost of the computer support system and services.

2. Delivery
We develop a strategy with your company in implementing the IT services.

3. Monitoring and Evaluating Success
We will keep track of success indicators in terms of quantitative thresholds set based on our recommendations. Our experts will update areas that need improvement.

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