How much do you miss by waiting for your month-end or quarter-end reports?

See Your Data Now.

Understand Your Trends Now.

Make Improvements Now.

Dashboards enable executives at the 50, 000-foot level to better focus resources, improve operational efficiencies, and leverage opportunities for growth as the market turns, customer needs evolve, or employees change – instead of waiting days after the quarter closes.

TV dashboard display

Our customers love showing off their dashboards on wall-mounted TVs throughout the office. It’s a great way for executives to nurture a culture of data transparency and the team to see their performance at a glance. Plus it looks super cool.

Why Dashboards?

Dashboards help companies better leverage their local or global corporate resources, buying power, and intelligence. They can also help improve communication and connectivity with suppliers, customers, and employees so problems in the supply chain or internal systems can be identified and corrected more quickly through real-time monitoring.

Executives or any key management position is able to more actively plan and make key decisions guided by strategic business goals in order to maintain and extend their competitive advantage

How long does it take? How much does it cost?

Normal turn time is under 30 days for typical customer solutions.

Pricing ranges from $199/month for existing off the shelf pre-built solutions to custom data extractions and monitoring of interlaced SQL, Oracle, or other ERP systems at $50k+.

A typical custom dashboard is $3500 plus an annual maintenance fee of under $500 and $99/month.

Call us and we can customize a package based on your budget. Book a free consultation today!

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